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For those who want to learn more than i can give about stop motion animation go to And if you want to see more go to Both are top quality websites that i learned a great deal from, in fact they kept my interest alive in it when all could have failed. So […]

Summary: Projects! A relatively short list of projects planned ahead: 1. A very late Christmas Tale 2. More Mind Sprocket advertisements That was intense. Maybe i should get hired on Letterman to do ‘Top Ten’. Anyways, i made the new group on facebook complete. I uploaded the first video to YouTube shortly ago. I’m really […]

Summary:Nada Well, to explain: This is a blog. And this blog will update you repeatedly about Snapshot Animations, a company i own that produces quality stop motion, 2-D animation, white board animation, and any other type i can get the grasp of (hopefully computer animation next). I’m betting on all of y’all being on facebook. […]