let’s begin, shall we?



Well, to explain:

This is a blog.

And this blog will update you repeatedly about Snapshot Animations, a company i own that produces quality stop motion, 2-D animation, white board animation, and any other type i can get the grasp of (hopefully computer animation next). I’m betting on all of y’all being on facebook. So here’s a link for the group which hosts all the videos of my creations (Though i hope to put the new ones here when they come along, not put all the old ones here) : Link to group. Join the group and you can see all my old videos and see the videos as they come out.

Me: I’m always interested in any form of animation. I love cardboard cutout animation. I stink at it but i love doing it. And as Johnny Depp said: “You’d think that it’s this really boring process, click, next frame, click, next frame… But it’s not! It’s really fascinating.” And so, in the interest of letting people know i’m not going albino, and i actually can do something with this work, and just for fun; I present, this blog.

“That’s it?”

Well, i haven’t written anything yet. Give me a day or two to work out the kinks in the system (facebook, youtube, gmail) and i promise lots of luscious posting! For now, you can visit the facebook page and enjoy the oldies.

Sir Nelville

Emails to: snapshotanimations@gmail.com


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