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Got another Time lapse for the blog. This is a set up of the set and lights for ‘You Go First’. The oh so annoying music is preformed by me, layered four times, in a group called the Four Peters. Enjoy! Advertisements

Set Make


I made the set piece, it’s a beaut! I’m really pleased with it. I spent five hours on it. It’s for ‘You Go First’. I doubled the height covered it with clay and 73 individual spikes of genuine ice.

As today i’m making sets for “You go First”, i also just uploaded and published “A Christmas Carol”. Enjoy everyone! People i’d like to thank on this project: Lane Gardner for his music, Ed Atkinson, for his review and pushing forward of my next project.

Another starts. I’m onto another animation titled: “You Go First”. It uses the same characters as “A Christmas Carol” and the same type of music. I just created the first set, i hope to document this creation 1000 times more than any other so that this blog is more interesting and it’s more informative for […]

What is an animation without music? A silent movie. And silent movies are old news. So i talked to the Editor of Mind Sprocket and asked where he got his music, because he needs music that is non-copyrighted. So i don’t even know the guys name but he agreed to let me use his music […]

I’m done ‘A Christmas Carol’! I spent all day Saturday on it and finished it off. I’m going to publish it in a little while after i get music for it. It took a lot of work and i’m going to do a ‘behind the scenes’ video later. I also found a long lost computer […]

The promo for Mind Sprocket is going to be released by the end of february. In an interview with chief animator Peter Atkinson, we heard this: This may or may not be a blurry shot or picture of the proposed but maybe not finalized plans for a possible but not certain commercial for the website […]