More scenes to shoot…


I’ve got about 12 more scenes to shoot for ‘A Christmas Claymation’. After that is done i will be able to devote my time to Blender and figuring out times per week i can put to it. The scenes i have to finish:

  1. Up Close house
  2. Rat’s house to Owl
  3. Up Close house
  4. Owl’s house to Rabbit
  5. Up Close house
  6. Rabbit’s house to Off in the woods
  7. Rat going to Owl”s house
  8. Owl going to Rabbit’s house
  9. Trio going off
  10. Dejected penguin coming home
  11. Coming in to his house
  12. Sledding

Though i won’t be shooting in that order. I hope to make a tree cycle

Note: I added a new link to the Blogroll to left, Snapshot Videos. It’s basically all my videos.

P.S. I just shot 3 more scenes. # 2, 4, and half of 6 in the time i waited for this to be finished posting. 4 hours. Thanks for the view!

P.P.S. Here’s a stopmotion of my set up and some pics of my shots:

Owl’s house

Mr. Rabbit’s House


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