Project Done, Old Video Found


I’m done ‘A Christmas Carol’! I spent all day Saturday on it and finished it off. I’m going to publish it in a little while after i get music for it. It took a lot of work and i’m going to do a ‘behind the scenes’ video later.

I also found a long lost computer animation that was the first i ever did. I use the program Blender. I present… Me!

It’s really horrible but it’s a first, and even picasso started somewhere. That’s what’s been happening lately. And i’m going to give a simple list of programs for people who want to get started in animation:

MonkeyJam, used to take pictures and do the basic animation

Windows Movie Maker, used to put clips together and fade in/out, only available with Windows, if you have Windows, you probably already have this.

Gimp , Used to edit particular frames, for special effects

Audacity , used to record sound and mess with voices

Those are the basic programs i use, all free of course. I also use, WordPress, YouTube, and Gmail. They are what i base my whole system on, and of course i have the group, Snapshot Animations on facebook. so join if you can! Just search Snapshot Animations in the little search box on the left hand side and click on the group. Thanks!


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