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I love this thing! Dilbert Comic 400×300 Advertisements

So i saw the amazing video of the mirror, and resolved to discover it, as i am a magician i find it hard to let go of unsolved mysteries. So take a look and see if you can figure it out: SPOILER! At the first the mirror is a mirror, as his head is in […]

Seriously i want to knight this guy. He’s amazing. Because of him i’ll be able to shoot the Mind Sprocket Commercial with my brother’s Nikon D50 which is incredible. I’m just gonna buy Toneup, $15 software, to remote capture it, and then use that to take the frames! Yay!

Sorry i couldn’t think of a better title. Anyways, i’m thinking of buying another camera. Which, due my incredibly low budget, is a life changing decision. This is the one i’m think of: It looks loverly. I’d love any comments or criticisms and i always reply to emails, so i’m ready for you. And […]

That leads to your door. A perfect description of stopmotion in the world today. Wow, it’s really slow. But if you subscribe you don’t have to check again and again. Only click the subscribe button on the left and after that we’ll tell you when we have new videos. I made a new page: Videos. […]

It’s released! Mind Sprocket gives voice to simple and honest perspectives. We publish thoughts and experiences on our world. We tell stories. A few post-production notes * Mind Sprocket was conceived almost exactly as portrayed: three friends bumming at a table conversing, sketching, and brainstorming until the idea hit us in the thought bubble. […]

I love Edward Monkton, he is a genius. I’m trying to get some sort of rights to animate some of his books. So i emailed his highness and this is his reply concerning ‘The Pig of Happiness’: Dear Peter, Thank you for your very kind message. I’m afraid that I have a difficulty here, which […]