Mind Sprocket Released!


It’s released!


Mind Sprocket gives voice to simple and honest perspectives. We publish thoughts and experiences on our world. We tell stories.

A few post-production notes

* Mind Sprocket was conceived almost exactly as portrayed: three friends bumming at a table conversing, sketching, and brainstorming until the idea hit us in the thought bubble.

* We love what Peter did with the cogs. It’s clever and layered with meanings.

* Nobody caught this until after shooting had wrapped up: in all the shots, the front cover of the magazine (with ‘MS’ on it) is actually on the back cover! (We’re that unique!)

* When doing creative brainstorming and the idea suddenly hits: you really do have to leap out there and grab it out of the air. You’ve got to scribble as fast as you can and get it out of the ethereal and onto paper.

Mind Sprocket was great to work with. As always, a job well done!


One Response to “Mind Sprocket Released!”

  1. We’re excited! Well done, again, with the production.

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