Quirkology Revealed!


So i saw the amazing video of the mirror, and resolved to discover it, as i am a magician i find it hard to let go of unsolved mysteries. So take a look and see if you can figure it out:


At the first the mirror is a mirror, as his head is in both the video and the reflection. But note they say that what you are ABOUT to see is a continuous shot. Because it is. But, it’s not the same shot as the shot before.

What they do is take the mirror and replace it with a window, the identical scene being set up on the other side. With identical watches he reaches around the short wall and uses his hands on both sides at once. The wall would have to be incredibly small. At the end when he puts down the cup the reflection comes a fraction of a second later.

The illusion is based on misdirection, the idea of the mirror and it’s reflection, the reenforcement, the head leaning forward and the continuous shot message, and the prestige, the banana disapearing by way of either knocking it down behind the book and the ‘reflection ‘not doing that or, more likely, a hand or a wire reaches behind the wrist in front grabbing the banana and whisking it out of sight.

This is an amazing and well done video.


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