Blender and my summer…


I love Blender, i definitely think it’s gonna change this industry for the better, because so many people will download it and then just the hardcore will get good at it. It’s an amazing tool. That is basically what my summer is dedicated to, learning Blender. I have The Essential Blender, and i’m working my way through that, and then i’m gonna learn animating, since the book is just sculpting, through the wiki online. It’s a free manual online at

Working my heart away on that, and i have a storyline in my head. A young college student walks into a library, he reaches up and picks a dusty volume out of the shelf, he starts reading, it’s King Arthur, he imagines himself as the hero, he does the same with other books, eventually stacking them up and checking them out, he walks out and goes into the world, he helps an old lady across the street, and then at a shop window sees a display of cans fall down, an old man who owns the shop starts to clean them up but he runs in and helps, eventually i want him to find a girl who’s like him, for him to fall in love, and for him to stop reading the books and actually start experiencing life. It’s gonna probably be my first project with Blender.


2 Responses to “Blender and my summer…”

  1. Yay, a story idea!

    For me, coming up with a story idea is half the battle. And then it’s all down hill from there.

  2. 2 Jenn

    I like this story … that’s what stories used to be about … inspiration, idealism, calling out the best in people. Challenging them to reach out beyond themselves and help someone else.

    Sadly it seems like a lot of stories these days are about people lost in a world without idealism or heroes.

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