Blender progress


First Blender Render Ever...


3 Responses to “Blender progress”

  1. 1 Davros

    I am going through the exact same tutorial at the moment :) How long did it take you to complete it?

  2. It took me a bit of time… probably around a week… cause i was COMPLETELY new to it, and the current version of Blender isn’t the one in the book. But it’s close enough. If you hit a wall, i’d be glad to help, though i’m really new to it too. I actually did it three times so that i understood it better. Blender is pretty awesome though, glad to hear there are other newbies, too :)

    Oh man, the tutorial after this one is awesome though, it’s a LOT of fun. So work hard! I find myself slacking off cause it’s so technical and i just want to be creative, but i think it’ll be worth it far from now, how long have you been working on blender?

    Hey, i think it’d be cool to talk as we’re both learning, cause i know i’ve found it hard to keep going while thinking no one is as beginner as me, so email me:

    Oh, and the tutorial for the other first real render was here:

    Oh and one random thingy, since most tutorials are WAY easier to learn if you can see what the buttons say, most of them will become high definition if you add: &fmt=18 to the end of the url… i just found that out and thought it was sorta cool!

  3. 3 Davros

    I initially had problems following the instructions of the book, namely because of the small, black and white screen shots. By the way, I also hang out at BlenderArtists Forums. Hope to see you among us sometime! :D

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