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I’m done it! I hope to add a rig to it next week or two and figure out how to give his body a soft body type feel so that it looks like it’s filled with stuffing when animated. A lot of work. But i think it’ll turn out awesome. This took about a month […]

Crystal Glass


Render of a crystal glass i made. Shadow not really there. But that’s not why i was modeling it. The edges are a little boxy, but i’ll figure out how to prevent that next time. The main point was just mesh modeling experience, and material experimentation. TADA! Oh and here’s a super cool animation i […]

I’m attacking blender outside of the tutorials, and trying to get good at each aspect as i need it. I’m working toward a short film, the working title of which is ‘Black and White’. I’ll post more about that later. But i’m practicing sculpting now, and this is the first result of the effort: Not […]