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There was an animation that goes with it, which i spent hours on, but my cmoputer doesn’t want to create the folders directory. So no animation for you guys. Advertisements

So basically my motivation for photo editing is cause i need nice backgrounds. And my tastes are particular. into Original photo:

Here it is folks! John Mayer needs a good background as all the photos are horrible undersized and without any style. Shame on you John Mayer fans! Shame on you!!! Also known as a john mayer wallpaper.

New stuffs! My photoshop work is located here: Public Facebook Album It includes:

Finally finished a project i’d been putting off for months. The wood texture is horrible, but my main focus was on modeling the meshes and glass materials. But mainly the meshes. I’ll put up the screenshots of just the meshes tonight. Meshes to come soon. :) Glad to come back to Blender. I’m planning on […]

Blender Renewal


I haven’t been working here for a while. So i started again, adn got through a tutorial, but i forgot to reset the bone roll and rotations before i started skinning, so i’m gonna redo it. Here’s a few poses with the rig i created. I did NOT create the mesh or the textures. Those […]