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I’m done it! I hope to add a rig to it next week or two and figure out how to give his body a soft body type feel so that it looks like it’s filled with stuffing when animated. A lot of work. But i think it’ll turn out awesome. This took about a month […]

Crystal Glass


Render of a crystal glass i made. Shadow not really there. But that’s not why i was modeling it. The edges are a little boxy, but i’ll figure out how to prevent that next time. The main point was just mesh modeling experience, and material experimentation. TADA! Oh and here’s a super cool animation i […]

I’m attacking blender outside of the tutorials, and trying to get good at each aspect as i need it. I’m working toward a short film, the working title of which is ‘Black and White’. I’ll post more about that later. But i’m practicing sculpting now, and this is the first result of the effort: Not […]

Blender Renewal


I haven’t been working here for a while. So i started again, adn got through a tutorial, but i forgot to reset the bone roll and rotations before i started skinning, so i’m gonna redo it. Here’s a few poses with the rig i created. I did NOT create the mesh or the textures. Those […]

Ogres are fun


I spent a while making this ogre… and it turned out purple… which wasn’t fun, but i spent half an hour on it and it turned this lovely shade of grey after i tweaked the texture settings. Apparently almost all of the textures are set to change the color to purple… weird… Anyways, with the […]

I love Blender, i definitely think it’s gonna change this industry for the better, because so many people will download it and then just the hardcore will get good at it. It’s an amazing tool. That is basically what my summer is dedicated to, learning Blender. I have The Essential Blender, and i’m working my […]

I’m gonna get CS3 pretty soon, proposing to experiment with flash animation, graphic editing, and anything else i feel like. I’ve been using Blender, an open source animation and game creation platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Best thing about it is that it’s up to date. It has the best documentation of anything i’ve […]